Frank Deresti is a versatile and adventurous musician with an extensive list of performing and recording credits to his name.  He maintains an active career as a performer, bandleader, collaborator, sideman, session musician, composer, and teacher.

His current songwriting project, Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect, continues to break new ground within the singer-songwriter genre.  Armed with a diverse collection of instruments and influences, the band combines engaging and thought-provoking lyric writing with thoughtful and well-crafted arrangements.  You will hear elements of folk, jazz, pop, country, soul, and more all wrapped into an impressive and distinct package. The undeniable skill and musicianship of each member is employed in the service of bringing to life a strong collection of songs. They sure to engage and impress a wide cross-section of listeners.  From heart-felt ballads to spontaneous moments of unbridled energy, their one-of-a-kind show is a must-see.

Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect released their third full-length album “Hi’s and Lo’s” in June 2017.

Current Members

Frank Deresti – vocals, guitar, banjo, harmonica, percussion
Jay Case – upright bass, vocals
Chris “Taco” Johns – drums, vocals
Josh Norling – saxophone, trumpet, percussion, vocals
Jay Stiles – keyboards, accordion, percussion, vocals