Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect 

in Sydney, Nova Scotia

Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect 

in St. John, New Brunswick

Josh, Taco, Frank, Jay and Jay visiting a sailboat on their East Coast Tour


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July 19, 2017  - Route 26

Laura Conning of the blog Route 26 did an interview with Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect about their new album and their Collingwood show on July 27th. (More details on our Performances page!) Her blog highlights music happenings for the west side of Georgian Bay, following the 60km distance along Highway 26 through Collingwood, Thornbury, Meaford, and Owen Sound.

Read it here!

What people are saying

Saying that Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect made a strong impression right off the bat would be a gross understatement. Their opening bars came out with a degree of immaculate tonality so perfect it often seems that something like it can only be imagined. Nonetheless, the five piece ensemble achieved exactly that. The passage was so tightly woven with each instrument’s part working to intertwine with the rest that it left the jaw hanging. What came from this group were thoughtfully written, wonderfully crafted and brilliantly arranged songs! Deresti is a musical poet. The CD they were celebrating the release of, 'Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect Hi's and Lo's', is a beautifully produced recreation of what they offer on stage. To put it simply, this group gets it done, in the studio and in front of an audience.
Brian Hay
Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect are a fine tuned, well-balanced group of musicians who continually delight fans with their entertaining and engaging shows. Always a pleasure to work with and such a positive experience for everyone involved, Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect love to play music. They exude this both on the stage and off. Their original songs are lyrical and infectious, while their choice of covers is diverse and unique; they can swoon, they can jam and they totally rock!
Angela Smolders
Owner & Promoter – Paddy Flaherty’s – Sarnia, ON